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About Florence Lefebvre
Florence Lefebvre.jpg

Florence Lefebvre is a French artist rocked by her past and present marine emotions. She draws most of her creative inspiration from the world of the sea, which she has revered since childhood when she could spend whole days contemplating it with a simple snorkel or dreaming in front of the images of Commander Cousteau, an avant-gardist oceanographic explorer.

Art is in nature and contemplation is the first step towards artistic creation. The mastery of creative processes is the second. Florence never ceases to explore the intricacies of digital creation, 2D and 3D software, algorithms, multidimensional composition, etc., allowing her to express an instinctive visual poetry through contemplative and spectral works whose favorite themes are digital fluids and shapes.

After having tried several forms of classical art, she finds in living digital creation the opportunity to fully express her sensitivity and her emotions, to create a unique link between art and the sea, to imagine powerful allegories on the human condition, like so many opportunities to create bridges between our contemporary life and the cradle of primitive life and better highlight the immense gap that distances man from his original destiny.

Her work takes us on a dreamlike and emotional journey into the abyss of digital creation through lively and abstract productions where she seeks to depict the depths of man's subconscious and the cognitive distortions of modern society.

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