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Golden & portrait

Comic book story

Comic book story

“Billions of blue blistering barnacles, Tintin, what the hell are we doing in this old marine cemetery? "I have a feeling we're on the right track my dear Captain Haddock!" Look ! CM 27682, we have finally found the boat we are looking for! »

Relic of th past

Relic of the past

In a marine cemetery, at the bottom of a quiet bay, 2 very old friends discuss memories of yesteryear, at the twilight of their lives. It must be said that this old boat and this rusty propeller have come a long way together.

Orange & purple portrait

Orange & purple

All colors are in nature and what happiness when it offers us 2 colors as powerful, orange and purple, which above all go together wonderfully. But why? The chromatic circle shows us that 2 colors are complementary when their composition in primary color are opposite (red, blue, yellow). In our case, yellow-orange is opposed to purple, which is made up of blue and red, but not yellow at all. These 2 juxtaposed colors are therefore the perfect complement to each other.

Winter candy

Winter candy

The snow cover, all white, reflects the slightest subtlety of color that the sky can take, which creates a stronger harmony between sky and earth than with any other landscape. And gives us this little sweetness to taste.

Ghost birds

Ghost birds 

Paris, Pont des Arts. Who could imagine that very early in the morning, at sunrise, ghost birds are walking on this mythical and romantic bridge in Paris, probably to remember their youth of yesteryear.

Balloons release

Balloons Release

Nature is sometimes surprising in interpreting life scenes of our modern world in its own way. It is difficult here not to imagine the release of thousands of balloons from this fishing net and the spectacle of seeing them fly away in the sky, wonderfully interpreted by this trail of clouds with an astonishing shape.

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