Blue & landscape


Robinson crusoe

Ah, who has not imagined one day waking up alone on a paradise island like Robinson Crusoe? Now all you have to do is connect your screen to my camera to allow you to realize this sweet dream in the comfort of your cozy bed ...



A translucent emerald sea, an azure blue sky, an infinite pontoon, what a beautiful perspective for your interior, isn't it?


Tree family

This charming tree family, from left to right, the father, mother, big sister and little brother, have taken root for the holidays in this idyllic setting.



There are places recognizable among all at first glance. Santorini is one of them with its unique aesthetic: white wall and floor, blue dome. From the top of the cliff, facing the sea, this gives it an incredible atmosphere of serenity and well-being, to be reproduced all day at home.



Here you are on vacation, on a stopover on a paradisiacal beach that you are visiting, before taking back your catamaran, your last crazy purchase, which you named Hemisphere and which is all the same the largest catamaran in the world!