Orange & landscape

Once upon a time

It is said that here, at the bottom of a valley, once lived peacefully 7 dwarfs ... What we are sure is that much later, in the 19th century, man transformed the building into a water mill to work the rye.


Red brothers

Here is the majestic spectacle of bald cypress trees in autumn, putting on their finest finery. Everything is ready, the water mirror stage, the spotlights on the garden side (left side of the stage in theatrical jargon).   Spectators, please sit down, the kings of the swamp take the stage.


Enchanted river

Legend has it that in the midst of an impenetrable forest guarded by the Wood Elves in the Sacred Mountains, lies a green-carpeted valley where an enchanted river flows that transforms autumn leaves into pieces of gold.


Autumn art

Here is one of the 1st pictures that comes to mind when I think of art in nature. I therefore present to you a masterpiece by an exceptional artist, nature, in a completely romantic style. You will notice the remarkable work on the light, the textures and of course the perfect setting in scene with this elongated tree of the most beautiful effect.


Sunset bark ride

This morning I am offering you a romantic boat trip in a magnificent lake, rare pearl with limpid waters in a majestic setting, at sunrise when its soft light illuminates the sky and the fall colors.


Romantic path

No, this is not a romantic painting created by the human mind. Take a good look, zoom in if necessary, things are moving! The painting moves! water, herbs, insects, all the elements come to life delicately and harmoniously.