Valensole nuit (rendu) copie.jpg

Night & portrait collection


Lines of sight

From the nearest sprig of lavender to the most distant stars, our gaze wanders in incessant vertical round trips, guided by these hypnotizing lines, with this solitary tree as an unfailing and reassuring landmark in the face of the sidereal void.



Contrast of luminosity between the snow close to absolute white and the dark river and sky, contrast of movement and textures between the ice and the starry sky, fixed, precise, and fluid and blurred liquid water.


Night harmony

Nature offers us here, helped by the hand of man, a harmonious symphony in the heart of the night. Harmony of mauve-blue hues between sky and earth, harmony of perfectly parallel vertical lines that the Milky Way, straight in the sky, seems to perfectly extend.


Winter sweetness

This picture inspires calm with this delicately cottony snowpack, this flowing and calm river, and this starry sky of great softness still lulled by the last rays of the sun but where we are beginning to see the beautiful Milky Way.