Black & portrait


From light to night

This footbridge takes us to see the last lights of twilight in a fisherman's hut and a delicious two-tone orange / purple atmosphere. We are then rocked by the ample and fluid movements of the waves, mixing reflections and deep shadows.



This deeply cracked earth, this mythical form of Mont Saint-Michel (France), this rising tide while reflecting the sky and this piercing light on the horizon, There is something mystical about this atmosphere that seems to have been set on stage by divine powers


Shutter Island

There is a glaucous atmosphere on this rocky point where this majestic lighthouse is enthroned. This old cobbled road that takes you there seems haunted by memories that disturb your mind.


Three sisters

Legend has it that deep in a dark valley that the sun's rays never reach, 3 reckless young sisters were transformed into 3 small waterfalls by a witch jealous of their beauty, condemning them forever to shed the tears of their lost childhood.


Waterfall family

See here a mother cascade and her many young (up to 5 per litter) frolicking happily in this valley seized by autumn.