Black & white


Shapes of water

Water has surprising artistic properties! In its liquid state, it dances with incredible fluidity and relaxes us just by looking at it. In the state of snow, it turns into delicate foam which redecorates the landscape. It is also capable of forming very fine ice laces when it freezes gradually in contact with the surface of this river. Art is in nature and water has a lot to do with it.


Old movie

Unusual experience to find yourself facing a black and white and animated photograph of the historic center of Paris, where you expect to see appear at any moment, like a film from the 1950s, a couple famous actor of the time playing the classic scene of the late-night romantic ballad where Monsieur finally dares to kiss Madame


Fried eggs

Unreal vision of this partly frozen river where you can easily see fried eggs all white! Around the outcropping rocks covered with snow, magnificent patches of ice have gradually formed, which the constantly moving water delicately caresses from below. Another amazing artistic creation from mother nature.



The calm after the storm. It's over, hell is behind, but the damage to the fleet is considerable. Stranded on this small unknown island, the boats bear the scars of the violence of the events. Here we are a thousand leagues from civilization, certainly alive, but lost in the immensity of the ocean. Who will find us?