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Portrait Art #3


Journey into the infinitely small and infinitely alive, of this ductile physiological fluid which is the somatic soul of all living bodies, witness to the evanescence of cells and the bonds that are made and undone in a romantic undulation.

Link P


These digital soap bubbles reflect the peoples and castes that make up humanity. The iridescence on their surface reveals billions of different shades of the light spectrum which intertwine, no one entity resembles the other, each ethnic group, each society sees the other differently. Yet inside there is the same air, as there are the same human beings. If a bubble bursts, the air molecules are then released from the collective image attached to their colony.



Flowergraph P


This bubbling of hypnotic bubbles which frantically rises to the surface in a perpetual agitation is reminiscent of the race of our lost lives to rush headlong, as if hypnotized, in this competition as desperate as it is useless to know which of us will arrive the higher on the chimerical mountain of social success.

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