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A new concept

Here you are, in a way, in front of a living photograph, as if a landscape frame hanging on your wall suddenly comes to life. This has become possible thanks to new technologies, ultra-thin screen and powerful 4K digital camera.

The concept is simple: combine the techniques of artistic landscape photography with 4K video capture, 50 images second and above all long duration. But technical implementation was a constant challenge and required developing a totally innovative production workflow.

This challenge was taken up with a certain philosophy: to rediscover all the aesthetic and decorative power of the photo without losing the subtle, perpetual and relaxing movement of the elements, a big challenge.

A big challenge of transforming your black screen into a living frame, we could have seen this in a science fiction film. But it is now a sweet reality accessible from your sofa with your smartphone as a remote control.

All day long, forget the somewhat invasive TV in our lives and instead have both a completely decorative landscape frame and an object that diffuses visual and sound relaxation in your room. In 2 words : Decoration and relaxation. 

Islande lac glaciaire.jpg

" Capturing art in nature and relaying it to you, this is what has guided me for 10 years, as obvious. Our world is only harmony of the elements and perpetual movement. Find this work of nature in his living room, a reality that technology allows us to achieve today. "

About Franck Lefebvre

10 years to complete the collection

In the overall work that I am offering you, I wanted to transcribe all the diversity of the world: Blue, White, Black, Orange… Because I could not divert my deep curiosity for each of these worlds, their color and their atmosphere. clean. But it took time, a lot of time.

10 years of traveling the European continent from Greece to Iceland, experimenting with my techniques, perfecting myself, constantly looking for the perfect image, the ideal framing, the light and the retouching that highlights ideally the stage and especially to select the best of the best: more than 1000 productions, 100 TB of rush and at the end only a few dozen works, selected.

The production of World Video ART can be summed up in 3 crucial stages to be prepared with the greatest care: the upstream preparation (what, when, where, how), the trip / shooting and finally the post production. The art of artistic landscape video is being there at the right time, in the right place. While upstream preparation is crucial and maximizes the chances of success, nothing is ever won in advance! This is why I have often had to come and return and come back again to find the right light, at the right time of day, with the right direction of the sun, at the right season, without anyone, with the good tide, good wind force, good water flow, good arrangement of ice, boat, birds, the most beautiful colors of autumn or flowering of plants ... OK I'll stop there.

It is true that in the great variety of places visited and filmed, in my search for the most beautiful paintings that I can produce for each collection, I had to face many problems and mishaps! But what you see in the end is the result of an extraordinary adventure and great emotional moments for me: capturing for eternity the moment of magic and harmony of the elements, so hoped for, after several hours of waiting , several days of attempts, after several trips, is an indescribable feeling.


A little bit of technique

4K UHD definition : the works are produced in 4K UHD allowing them to be broadcast on very large screen sizes with incredible realism and a bluffing immersion in the image.

50 images / second : the fluidity of movements is ensured by a large number of images per second, twice as large as for cinema (24 images per second).

Duration of works between 5 and 10 minutes : it has always been a priority for me, to make you enjoy a real long-term capture, and not a scene of a few seconds broadcast in a loop, to really see the landscape live for a long time in front of you. Played in a loop throughout the day, it will transcribe in a much more realistic way the perpetual and random movements of the elements in nature.

Stereo natural soundtrack : most of the shoots were accompanied by a stereo audio recording made on site at the same time with 2 high sensitivity cardioid microphones allowing you to transcribe the sound atmosphere of the scene in true stereo.

RAW image quality : video capture is performed in the highest possible image quality, RAW, which in a way corresponds to the digital negative in parallel with the negative of film cameras. Unlike most nature videos you have seen, this extremely storage and processing power-hungry format, used mainly in the film industry, allows you to get as close as possible to human visual capacity, which remains the absolute perfection !



I am a French artist born in 1978 in Lille in the north of France. Passionate about nature since my childhood, I invested my studies in the management and protection of natural spaces. And yet, another passion took me far away from the forests and lakes of my past: the light in the spectacle. ​Live classical music, dance, and the opera fascinate me for their elegant use of artificial light within wide, dark rooms. 

For several years, I focused my artistic practice upon highlighting the art of live performance; but I missed the great outdoors. I then decided to combine my passions of natural landscapes, light, and the living arts. In 2009, I envisioned a new concept for a subtly living artistic picture. I called my new venture World Video Art.

I created with my wife, Florence, a production company, Atmosphere video, and then began a very long process that would last over 10 years. I study the art of landscape photography, the management of natural light, long duration film techniques, colorimetric retouching and more. With this knowledge, I set off in search of the most fascinating landscapes in the world, whose subtle atmospheres I capture with my newfound methods and lifelong interest.

A unique approach to my knowledge which leads to the launch in 2021 of a collection of more than 60 exceptional works of nature, the result of a selection from more than 1000 productions and 100 TB of rush.

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