Green & landscape collection


Heart of the jungle

This jungle atmosphere with these small waterfalls falling in the middle of lush vegetation and this pretty pontoon inviting for a walk ...

Welcome to one of the paradises on earth.


Green lake

I take you to recharge your batteries in the bucolic atmosphere of a mountain lake. Imagine staying in this charming hotel, it's springtime, you listen to birdsong and you look at this green, present everywhere, which celebrates nature.



This tangle of waterfalls seems to play a real symphony for us, like an ode to life, which nature stages for us to better make us aware that there is nothing that is not more important.

Shades of green.jpg

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Viking village

Here you are immersed in the unique atmosphere of a Viking village.

The wind and the rain which constantly sweeps these islands make it the kingdom of grass even on the roofs of the houses.


Shades of green

50 shades of green in this living museum of the color of hope and the environment that can be visited by strolling through a delicious maze of several kilometers of pontoon constantly overlooking the water.