Color & landscape


Natural cubism

The analogy with traditional painting will be evident in this collection: same work on color, same search for inspiration in our campaigns. You will have more than ever the impression of being in front of a living painting.

From there to finding cubism in these rocks, there is only one step.

Colors of Valensole

At the beginning of summer, when Lavandin blooms, the Valensole plateau (France) takes on the appearance of huge gardens, with its beautiful parallel lines interrupted in places by a brillant green wetland, creating a amazing color contrast.


Pink & blue

The art of framing is knowing how to carry you into an atmosphere and focus on the essential.


In a minimalist two-tone style, hang this painting on your wall, and be surprised to sometimes see the curtains moving in these humble homes.


Campaign painting

Don't you have the impression that you are in front of a real living painting? The textures, shapes and colors seem to have come from the mind of a painter.

For country decor.


Coloured harbor

Find all the atmosphere of this colorful village set on the water. This place seems to have come from a child's dream, it takes us away from our urban reality, enchants us with its colors, its tranquility and its total absence of cars replaced by these small boats.