Golden & landscape 


Chinese shadow

Relax in front of this spectacle of nature, mixing the shimmering color of the last rays of the sun and improbable form, with this astonishing recumbent tree, broken by the wind, seeming to draw in black ink in a hypnotic sky a piece of Chinese writing.

Deck chairs

The horizon, the beach, the perfectly aligned deckchairs and the upright umbrellas facing the rising sun, so many lines which draw this relaxing picture and which please our Cartesian mind so much.


Orange & purple

Purple, orange and red make up this powerful harmony of colors in the décor of the Près-salés of Mont Saint-Michel in France. It is generally said that man did not invent anything, everything was already in nature. Photoshop's perfect color gradient too, you have to believe it! Definitely, the golden hours (as photographers generally call the sunrise and sunset) are a time when the light is celebrating and indulges all fantasies.


Sunset pebbles

Nothing could be easier than to let yourself be carried away by this beautiful spectacle of nature with on the menu: as a starter, a delicious shimmering and semi-cloudy sky at sunset, as a main course, the delicious ripples of the sea and its waves filmed at ground level and for dessert  the magnificent pebbles of the beach of Etretat (France) recognizable in all by its arch and its needle at the bottom. 


Golden curtain

Rare are the places that allow you to get this incredible angle of view that takes us both behind a waterfall and facing the sunset! Seljalandsfoss is one of the countless amazing places in Iceland that allows us to film in slow motion a mesmerizing curtain of water swept by the wind and golden by the last rays of the sun.


Ice diamonds 2

Iceland is magical and this Videoart alone is enough to prove it. It is 3am when, after several nights of keeping watch on the spot, at the glacial lake of Jökulsárlón, I manage to capture this magical moment. In fact, in this month of July, it is not really night because we are close to the Arctic Circle. The different textures of the pieces of ice in the foreground are amazing.