White & landscape 


Frozen Squid

Reinforced by a reflection of rare purity, the incredible minimalist aesthetic of the glacial world gives us here unreal shapes and textures.

On the big screen you will see the ballet of birds as incredible as the places, the Arctic Stern, capable of traveling 96,000 km during its migration, an absolute record in nature. Respect.


Ice diamonds

July 2018, 2 am, begins the longest and incredible sunrise that I have been able to admire, 4 hours of magic!

How is it possible ? On this glacial lake, at the limit of the Arctic Circle, the sun hardly sets any more in summer and allows itself to play the painter between 9 p.m. and 5 a.m., as soon as the clouds agree to stage its magnificent light on these translucent pieces of ice.


Cirrus line

No, we did not hire a crane to drop this chunk of ice on this beach. Neither changed the color of the sand. Nor drawn in the sky these lines. You just had to be there at the right time in the right place.

Capturing this moment of grace of nature was an honor, allowing you to broadcast it on your TV a duty.  


Glacial Lake

Again the wonderful sunrise on the glacial lake near the Arctic Circle.

The perfect harmony of gray and yellow hues as well as the heady fluidity of the waves on the reflection take us into a dream of infinite softness.


Ice in mist

Everything seems unreal in this picture that evokes dream. How can this Iceberg be found in such a strong current of water, reflecting together the rays of the sun in this magnificent atmosphere of fog and heavy sky?

The tide and a sudden change of light are responsible for this.


Winter fairy

If the Snow Queen has a kingdom it could be here. Winter was at the height of its enchantment after several days of freezing fog of rare intensity when this harmonious vision of the reign of cold in our dear countryside appeared to me.