Black & landscape


Black atmosphere

We are on volcanic rock beach in with a perfect black aesthetic. How to imagine that basaltic columns with square shapes could rub shoulders with round shiny black pebbles, all watched over by 2 disturbing triangular towers?

Ballet of shapes and textures in a monochrome atmosphere.


Ice bird

Unusual scene to see this natural sculpture of an ice bird posed on a beach of black volcanic sand.

This is the curiosity of this beach with its icebergs brought by the nearby glacial lake and deposited on the beach by the tide.

Moment captured just before the bird flies away.


Force of nature

This waterfall is magnificent in strength and balance, the water of the river falls 62m from the top of green cliffs creating an impressive curtain perfectly straight and spray rising in the sky.


Good vs. Evil

Surrounded by incredible basalt organs, this waterfall offers to our amazed eyes a natural amphitheater where the spectacle of a confrontation between 2 forces of nature seems to take place: the mineral, merciless force of darkness, and the vegetal, fragile but valiant, seeming to be led away by their leader (if if look at the bottom left).