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The free access to my Artworks on your TV!

WindowSight is a very easy-to-use application that allows you to display a large part of my Artworks in your living room and to transform your TV into a real relaxing frame. You have the choice between 3 offers depending on your level of requirement: free, € 5.99 and € 11.99.

Download the App on your smartphone and sign up

Download the App on your smart TV

Connect the two by scanning the QR code 

Select your Membership Plan

Choose your features for your TV experience,

Live a high-end Video Art experience!

Enjoy the finest digital art experience on the Blackdove high-resolution 4K Digital Canvas with Portrait or Landscape orientation, Local art storage for No Bandwidth playback and a large choice of limited edition Video Art.


PORTRAIT orientation turns the screen into a Work of Art!

 Amazing Vertical World landscape composition!

​• NFT and Limited edition Artworks

 Residential, hotel, restaurant, company.

BLACKDOVE Digital Canvas

​• Large choice of screen size (49" to 98")

​• Local art storage for No Bandwidth playback

​• Portrait orientation with heat dissipation

​• 500 nit light output minimum

Digital Canvas Lineup copie.jpg

All the collection in high Quality for high-end places  

​• Landscape orientation Artworks on full screen for an incredible immersion on your big sreen!

​• Manageable via Blackdove mobile or web apps

​• Blackdove player for existing screen

1557812321379 copie.jpg

Which offer is for you?

The Artworks are currently available on 2 digital art reference platforms on TV: WindowSight and Blackdove. WindowSight is a freemium application that allows you to easily discover the main part of my landscape Artworks. Blackdove is intended for collectors and professionals by offering all the collection, landscape and portrait, in the best quality.

* Rotating collection of at least 30 works

** Landscape orientation Artworks with or without white frame, Vertical orientation Artworks without white frame,          all Artworks in long duration version

*** Local art storage on Digital canvas or player for No Bandwidth playback

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