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Welcome to the age of Video Art

Your TV becomes 
the frame of tomorrow

A decorative and relaxing digital canvas

An innovative concept which:

  • transforms your TV into a living digital canvas,

  • fills the visual and sound space of your home with an atmosphere of relaxation.


You had a black screen


Get a relaxing frame

A unique collection of Video Art

Real living photography!

Each work is the result of a complex technique that is still very little exploited, using the new technologies available to us today. It combines the techniques of fine art photography with long duration 4K video capture

Passionate about art in nature

I have always been passionate about light, living art and the landscapes of the world. My challenge: to allow you to find in your living room all the aesthetic power of the world without losing the subtle and perpetual movement of the elements.

10 years in the making!

The collection offered in 2021 is the result of a long process that began 10 years ago: developing techniques, researching the most beautiful compositions, lights and subtle movements. Here are 60 works sorted from more than 1000 rushes and more than 100 surveyed places.

"Nature is a work of art (...) All art

is a demonstration of which

nature is the proof."

- George Sand

Autumn art
Ice diamonds
Red Brothers
Black atmosphere
Enchanted river
Ice bird
Ice in mist
Good vs Evil
Frozen squid

The colors of the world in your living room

6 colors, 6 moods

Each work follows a precise artistic line and belongs to a color collection. Whether you are a private individual or a demanding interior designer, you will find the style that suits you for a perfect integration with the interior decoration of the premises or find the desired atmosphere according to the season, your mood or the brightness (day /night).

Test for free at home!


Change the atmosphere of your living room by downloading the WindowSight App on your smartphone then on your TV and access the art store. Fully configure your programming directly from your smartphone.

Turn your TV into a frame in 5 minutes

1. Download the WindowSight app on your mobile and sign up:

2. Search "WindowSight" on your TV app store (Samsung, LG, Sony, etc.) and install it.

3. Sync Mobile and TV by scanning the QR code on the screen with your mobile


Live a high-end Video Art experience!

Vertical creations that transform the screen into a work of art 

NFT Limited Edition for Pro or collectors

Blackdove Digital Canvas and App 


Zen art for all professional places

Innovation and benefit of visual relaxation

Take care of your customers, patients, employees and collaborators by creating relaxing atmospheres. Improve your brand image by innovating and bringing the digital art of the future to your establishment.

Multiple partnerships have been established with specialized companies (IPTV, waiting room, etc.) to offer you the solution best suited to your needs. A simple question, a vague idea or a real project in mind, contact me.

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